City of Austin hates Arizona

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Official reason — that “discriminating” law. The real question is, really? With all of the amendments Arizona’s law expressly forbids discrimination, does not allow anyone to be stopped because of their race, and pretty much mirrors what federal law says. But who wants to read some boring law, when there’s a chance to protect illegal immigrants’ right not to be bothered by police when they commit some other crime. You know, inconvenient factor that if you exceed speed limit by wide margin, or get arrested for something else, then you can be asked if you are in the country illegally and then *gasp* actually deported. Because you haven’t bothered to get a visa, or permit, etc.

So a number of entities rushed to “boycott Arizona” to prevent that from happening. Some go as far as trying to wiggle out of contracts with companies based in AZ. Though, for example, Seattle’s boycott will not affect the red light camera company. Because, you know, boycott and illegal immigrant’s rights are not as important as squeezing out a bit more revenue from the motorists. Some people even call for boycott of Arizona Tea and other companies that aren’t based in Arizona. Shocking!

City of Austin declared ban on any travel of city employees to AZ, other than emergencies and such. Um, what did they do exactly traveling there in the first place? Go to resort in Scottsdale or something?
Anyways, now city of Austin is boycotted for boycotting the AZ.

The whole situation is just silly. If AZ wants to have a copy of Federal law in its state laws, let them. Any attempt at discrimination will result in a giant-mega-flurry of civil lawsuits, which will make someone who’ll be asked the wrong question quite reach. Plus, more than half of people seem to like the law, and not just in AZ, so those calling for boycots actually go against the will of people. Which is what the whole democracy is about — majority in this case actually supports the law, so let it go. If it creates more problems than it solves, help people organize repeal. Do try to explain to them if you believe the law is wrong, by informing and debating.

In the meantime feel free to drink Arizona tea.

p.s. bonus funny: even though Los Angeles decided to boycott Arizona, LA gets over 25% of its electricity from AZ. So the utility commissioner sent them a letter about that. Perhaps AZ will boycott LA back and force them to buy power elsewhere and at a higher price? Source

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