Banks: open lobby when people are done with their work

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One of the greatest mysteries to me, is how some of the socially important institutions choose their working hours. For example, banks.

Most of them open during hours like from 9AM till 5PM (except when the third Wednesday falls on a blue moon day and Thursday, when they close an hour earlier, or something like that). So the question is simple. Why? Isn’t bank’s lobby primary purpose to serve their customers — either individuals, or business representatives, that have funds to deposit and credit worthiness to ask bank for some money to be lent to them.

Aren’t they supposed to work during normal business hours? You hardly see retail stores opened on the same schedule — most would stay open till 8 or 9PM, even if they do open later in the day.

Same should be here, so you don’t have to run to the bank during lunch hour, when there will be 10-20 “smart guys like you” already waiting in line. Make lobby work convenient hours, where people that are done with their work can stop by and do whatever it is they do at the bank (if ATM doesn’t suit them). It’s just common sense.

Yes, drive-through helps, as it’s usually opened an hour later, but that also is an odd proposition. If drive-through is opened, why not keep the lobby opened too? Same people generally serve both (though it’s been a while since I’ve been in a physical bank building during rush hours, thank you very much) so they can continue to help people on two fronts.

Probably similarly to retail workers would have to work somewhat odd shifts. But I am sure that bank would be compensated by having more clients, hence ability to pay more to those workers or do some other kinds of perks. Cause what happens right now is just ridiculous. Kinda like what store hours are in some European countries — closed when you actually can shop. They are their own enemy…

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