Sprint CFO seems to be wrong, didn’t learn from Pre

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Sprint’s CFO Robert Brust said in an interview that while Pre “didn’t really work out as well as they hoped” but they “learned a lot” and now do want an iPhone. Except they won’t have it for a while (couple years minimum, unless Steve Jobs feels so threatened by HTC’s multitude of phones that he’ll push out CDMA version of iPhone this summer)
But did they really learn a lot? What was it?
Did they learn that there will be no more exclusives by Palm for them? Perhaps
Did they learn that having long pause between product announcement and release to the market? Doubtful, as it seems to be taking an excruciatingly long to push a phone from announcement to actual sales.
Did they learn that releasing a new phone with a delay and right around the time Apple releases new version of an iPhone is a bad idea? Why, no, of course. Because HTC’s release date is right there. That very same special week.
Did they learn that having extra creepy arts (“it’s a good thing the ads were noticed!”, crowed the advertising company that managed to beam down some weird albino lady from planet not known to Trek universe, except the ad is creepy and weird, instead of engaging and marking people buy a phone)? We shall see. If there will be another weird ad but this time for HTC… grrr… Well, means they didn’t learn anything. Their ads are extra boring and extra depressing. While drawing things in the night were fun, executive, skulking around the streets mumbling about financial stuff is plain boring. Albino lady was creepy. Ad that was highlighting how much cheaper Sprint is than ATT/Verizon obviously didn’t really work out, plus that little $10 will kill most of the price difference.

I understand that he couldn’t just go on the air with “Well, we quite suck but still think we’re right about everything, it’s just the world is wrong and doesn’t know it” message, so he had to say that lesson was learned, everything will be peachy and this time everything will be fantastic! But still kinda skeptical. Hope things will work out, and contract business of Sprint will get a shot in the arm, just like their prepaid business did once they toned down greed, and made plans people liked better.

Or by this time next year we will see headlines on how Verizon is thinking about buying the whole of Sprint, but is hesitant to do so, as it’d mean retooling network to LTE instead of outdated system, and how Clear still wants to be left alone with WiMax.

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