HTC EVO 4G $200 and $79 monthly

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Well, this is it. Finally, after long wait, pricing and plan details of HTC EVO 4G for Sprint have been announced. No big surprises here. A small pleasant surprise — price of the device will be $200.
Rebate for $100 means the real price will be $300 + tax, minus rebate. Sometimes I wonder if carriers either fish for complete idiots, or just don’t want to deal with signing up customers. In most cases third party dealers, like Best Buy or Amazon, sell the device either cheaper, or for the same price but without any rebates. So going through carrier directly, where they actually don’t have to pay any kind of commission, seems to be a much worse deal.

Another small annoyance — $10 extra a month for 4G. Yes, I understand that Clear is pretty much separate (albeit friendly) network, so they probably cost extra, but the positioning of EVO makes me feel that extra 10 bucks a month is a tax on CDMA’s inefficiency. You can’t transmit data and voice at the same time, so here’s the solution in form of a 4G device, that will be able to deal with this problem. Except you have to pay extra $10 a month to get the solution.
And of course that extra ten cuts down on Sprint’s price advantage. While 4G could be a bit faster than ATT’s HSPA network, overall price creeps uncomfortably close.

WiFi-spot capability will add extra $30, but as I’m not planning on using that, I can’t say how really valuable of an option it will be. So far it’s priced less than similar add-ons for Verizon. Meh.

Questions are:
1. Would Sprint dare to sell the device without $10 add-on. As many areas are not covered by 4G, there’ll be nothing “premium” about the data in that case.
2. Would it work on data-only plans
3. Would some sort of WiFi coverage/partnership be also included in that ten bucks.

Otherwise, congratulations to Sprint on keeping up hopes of a nice device with fair plan.

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