Days go by, still no Fiesta

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Days go by, mostly in mad rush of work and this and that. But today I’ve noticed it’s already 12th. And… no confirmation from Ford about my new Ford Fiesta.
Feeling a bit disappointed. Given how interactive the brand is, and how much more social it is, the whole waiting period could probably have been turned into an exciting adventure. Something to keep the attention locked in, not let the new owner (well, almost) forget on what’s coming.

I think a nice little progress chart would be the best. Perhaps illustrated with photos from the assembly plant or something. So that you always know what’s going on. Here’s a photo of, say, Mrs Smith, that does verification. Next day — a snapshot of computer screen for configuration. The day after — whatever is the next step.

I am sure it takes many steps to build a car, from the point of entering order into the system, and till it’s actually ready and is being shipped to the dealership. Heck, a GPS of the truck with the car during last few days would be neat too. You can see how your car is being carried towards meeting with you, it’s new owner.

Alas for right now, the process is bland, boring and, well, not really exciting. Still waiting for that call. Still nothing…

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