Review: Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse 10)

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Charlaine Harris: Dead in the Family

Hard to believe it’s been 10 books already. All about the perky waitress with mind-reading capabilities and nasty-sounding to Russian speaking reader name. I’ve read the whole book in one seating and have somewhat mixed feelings. From one point, I did like it, pretty much like I liked most of the other books. From the other side, it creeps dangerously into Laurel K Hamilton area (whom I stopped reading after about 10 books too, where I realized that her novels turned pretty much into porn stories, instead of action packed detectives, as main heroine would spent 80% of her time in bed with one kind of creature or the other, or investigate something that was a consequence of being in bed etc).
Given hard events described in a previous book, Sookie’s “recovery” is somewhat hasted, though I suppose we can’t have mopping waitress being depressed more than quarter of a book. Readers would get bored.

Interesting aspects were bringing in a bit more of the “family” characters. Relatives of almost all sorts of previously introduced werewolves, vampires and fae are brought in, sometimes somewhat unintelligently and out of the blue. Killings are a bit up too. I understand the need to cull off unwanted characters, but like with the certain queen, it’s cutting off so many interesting stories and subplot possibilities.

Will I read the next book? Sure. Will I re-read this one? Maybe, in a few months.

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