Prepaid gets serious about data thanks to Sprint

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Wow. Looks like someone at Sprint got serious about prepaid market penetration and future vision. Virgin Mobile, which was bought by Sprint a while back and always been using Sprint network, will offer new Beyond Talk plans with unlimited data and sms and emails for as little as $25 (300 minutes, or 1200 for $40). New plans will be available from May 12th.

That’s a drastic departure from current $10 for 50Mb data.
And I have to revise my overall impression that prepaid data plans kinda suck. I suppose if AT&T will be able to expand availability of truly unlimited plan for $30 to any device, that would also be a good thing.

Now the phone selection on Virgin is still a bit small, but I wonder if there will be an HTC smartphone in near future. For now there’s an option of Blackberry for $300 (with $10 additional a month for blackberry specific services).

Will Verizon try to compete? Will ATT lower their prepaid rates too? Hope so.

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