Bad week: when computers go bad

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Well, technology and world around me has been misbehaving lately. Or a streak of good luck ended. First I managed to loose my iPod touch (and still hasn’t found it, which deprived me from my music collection, and easy way to check email on the go in the office), then today office computer decided to pretend it’s ZX Spectrum — everything on the screen went checkered-pattern, along with horizontal lines and blocks, just like those old time game loading screens.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the border of the screen started to blink with those “loading” patterns too.
Technology causing outages of activity is doubly annoying. I haven’t realized how dependent I am on my calendar being within a finger-poke, until I lost it.
From the other disappointments — nothing from Ford about my Ford Fiesta order. It’s been a while, but I don’t feel comfortable pestering my dealership yet again (salesguy told me couple times that I should expect a call in first days of May, which are already here). Maybe these small down events will be followed by a nice long streak of good luck.
I certainly hope so.

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