The Sinner’s Fate is… Disney?

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Robots are attacking the internets every day. In both marketing and context ads robots seem to be winning practically every day.
Today’s WTF context ad is brought to you by peddlers of Disney World on DVD.
Who, for some not-so-clear reason, think that people, who are looking for sinner’s fate t-shirt on ebay are not really interested in t-shirts with demons, werewolves, mummies, and all sorts of awesome heavy metal things, but are just dying to get “all your favorite Disney World rides & shows” on DVD for a low price.

On the other hand the ad placement robots could be right. And sinner’s fate is to buy those rides and watch them over and over and over … and over and over and over. With commercials on intro for “Tinkerbell 25: Hunt for unclean ones” and “Aladdin 12: Adventure in the green zone”. The horrors!

Sinner's fate is ... Disney

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