Happy Palm, not so happy Meal

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Well, as usual, there are good and bad things happening. First about Palm — HP bought them. And while I may be kicking myself for not buying Palm stock (just to sell it immediately at the announcement of the purchase) I can’t help but wonder if Palm will just dissolve inside HP.
Why? Well, anyone heard of Compaq lately? Exactly.
How about those little PDA-s from Compaq? Did they take over the world? How about Windows mobile device world, that they were almost dominating? Right.
So, now you throw Palm into the same dark hole where Compaq vanished. They probably will continue to make Pre and Pre-like devices, but innovation? Forget it.

Then there’s news that toys are banned from the Happy Meal in Santa Clara, California (or to be more precise in unincorporated areas, where the ruling of this ridiculous commission has power). Repeat after me: toys don’t make children fat. Fast food doesn’t make children fat. McDonald’s doesn’t make children fat.
Not enough activities, overly protective world, inattentive parents, laziness make children fat. Banning toys in meals won’t really help. Yeah, there’ll be one less reason for whining “I want a happy meal!!” but if parents were giving into their little monster’s desires to such a degree that it made kid fat (article shows an example of 5 year old with type 2 diabetes), absence of the toy won’t help.
I suppose an attempt at better physical education at school could help, but also kinda doubt it (in my case I just hated it for apparent reason — running-jumping-chasing things are only fun for about 30 mins, then it’s boring and repetitive). Help parents with an advise. Then lay off.

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