No Google Nexus on Verizon – not a big loss

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I’m still curious about CDMA version of Google’s Nexus one. But given the circumstances, I am not sad to see Verizon drop the phone. Or rather Google confirming, that phone is no longer planned for Verizon (so much for those “sign up right here and we will let you know when the phone is available” pages). Which pretty much means kaput for the CDMA version.

Sure, Sprint is still there, and they did promise to be one of the carriers that support Nexus one. Except, Sprint has better HTC Evo, so not a big loss there either.

Primary purpose of Nexus one was to demonstrate the “stock” version of the software. And make a bit money. Unfortunately, there’s almost zero market for “unlocked” CDMA devices in the US. Sure, there are a number of smaller prepaid carriers that use Verizon’s network, and there is the Verizon itself, but would people really buy a “super” phone for $500+ when “mega” phones from the same HTC available for $200. Not really.
And for prepaid carriers — the volume would be not so big for such expensive phone (plus for most people it means locking down data to WiFi only mode, as prepaid data is a horrible rip-off price-wise)

So, Google officially confirmed the news, and everyone can go and buy the HTC branded phone right now. Thanks for playing the “unlocked CDMA phone game”!

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