Cinderella, but not as you know her

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I was reading about linguistic oddities today, when an interesting fact caught my eye. The Cinderella story, with famous glass slipper and futile attempts to put it on the feet of evil sisters, is, well, not the brother Grimm’s story.
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s tale was way more brutal and way less enchanting. That Fairy Godmother? Didn’t exist. Transformation of the pumpkin into carriage? Nope.
The spirit of Cinderella’s mother is present — in bird form. And it kinda grants wishes, which girl uses to get herself beautiful golden dresses, to enchant prince’s heart.
Prince tries to set a trap for her, but all the pitch catches is a golden shoe. Evil step-sisters try to put it on but one sister ends up cutting the toe because it didn’t fit, the other — heel. In both cases birds alert the prince to the fact that there’s blood running from the shoe. Makes you wonder where exactly was the prince looking so intently that he hasn’t noticed the blood on that golden shoe.
In the end girl did marry the prince. But then, there is a bonus brutality — pigeons on her shoulders (same ones that did the warning and brought the dress) pecked out her step-sisters’ eyes. To punish them.
So, next time you hear about the Cinderella, do make sure people refer to the polished Hollywood-type story, instead of the earlier nasty one.

Grimm’s version of the Cinderella story

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