iPad: now with Lifetime Limit of Two

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Wow, Apple is just full of surprizes (and I am not talking about that “lost, deactivated, but soooo real” iPhone 4th generation that Gizmodo got its hands on). Apparently there is a “lifetime limit of 2 iPads” per customer, which this guy found out the hard way — by buying a few extra iPads for friends.
Bonus stupidity — nobody can (or, rather, not allowed to, if you judge by canned responses salespeople spewed back) explain what exactly is that “two iPads per lifetime” limit is. Is it really lifetime? Or will it magically disappear some time later?

Sure, Apple can try to limit scalping, but the store is full of iPads anyways. I suppose the fact that many stores didn’t sell out on the very first day of sales meant that marketing machine went into overdrive and now they’re trying to make the gizmo seem a bit more scarce and exclusive than it is. Oh well.

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