A day of promises for SE

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Surprising, how easy it is for fans to fall for that old “OBS” news source (in this particular case — One Blabber Said, a translation of Russian expression “Odna baba skazala” which literally means “some woman said it” and is used to indicate a rumor of unknown and dubious origin).

Some person wrote on the blog of Mobiles.co.uk that Sony Ericsson X10 will get multitouch and Android 2.1 update in “Q2”. The source was that exact OBS — some “internal source”. Which apparently knows more than actual managers.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite possible, that engineers could know some strange workaround that management is not aware of yet, but I would presume that after initial flurry of “WTF?!” comments to clear “no multitouch” statement, those engineers would rush to the management to present a chance of saying “Yes, we will have it later, enjoy the pretty pictures for now”.
But that didn’t happen. Instead we were offered a story on how SE’s fabulous software will make users forget they can’t get multitouch (in other words “trust us, 1.6 with our shell is worth 2.1 with multitouch”). Plus a whole bunch of people got laid off in R&D…

Given that blogger got the “update” timeframe wrong, I think the whole thing may be just a misunderstanding. The “insider” got the same “but we will update to 2.1 in the second half of 2010 which make our phone extra super cool” (despite the fact that other phones, like HTC Incredible or HTC EVO, along with Moto Droid will have spent half a year with version 2.1) which got morphed into “Q2 will have SE release 2.1 and multitouch and yay!”.

Fans picked up the story and ran with it. Because people really hope that Sony Ericsson is not completely technically incompetent to release phones with mediocre features as their shiny brand new flagman model. Sorry, but I will believe in new firmware from SE when I see it. Until then, no, thanks.

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