Phones and volcanoes and weather, oh my

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First the bad news. That volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajokull glaciercauses massive delays in air travel. I suppose it’s a small consolation that this is probably fantastic chance to study atmosphere (global warming or not). Most of the flights will be cancelled, but while passengers scramble in panic to get to where they have to be, scientists have a giant plume of smoke and volcanic ash to track — satellite imagery provides practically real-time trace of the ash-dyed airflows. Plus no disturbance of atmosphere due to flights would also show how the airflow currents behave under “normal” circumstances.
And the ash could also result in a slight temperature dip — another area to study. A few eruptions a year and Earth will cool down by 1.5-2 degrees. And mail delivery and travel will not be the same for the whole time period.

Now the good news. Verizon Wireless did come through with that HTC Incredible phone. All the rumors were true, speedy processor, plenty of memory, Android 2.1, the works. Winner? HTC, obviously. Looser? Sprint.

Just like before, Sprint promised a new cool phone, and then Verizon stomped on them by offering it for sale on April 29th. All while price or release date of HTC Evo is pretty much unknown (though rumors indicate some time in June). Let’s see — a device with 4G capability that probably doesn’t work in their city or virtually identical one but from Verizon and a couple months sooner. Hm… I think I know what regular public will choose.

Thank you, Verizon, for speeding up roll-out of Android phones. Even though prices are kinda ugly, the hardware is beautiful now.

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