How to block paid content on AT&T cell

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Ran into this link by accident, while reading online forums — someone was wondering how to check bill for all those charges for apps/ring tones/etc before the bill becomes due, and he was suggested this link:

Basically, it’s a list of current charges to your AT&T/Cingular cell phone. Unfortunately there are plenty of sneaky trial-ware apps all around, that subscribe you to some feature or just charge you for something (short-codes advertised on late night tv, that your kid may happily punch in, which then results in a sudden monthly $19.95 charge or stuff like that).

The QPass system shows all current charges, plus you can check the history too.

And on top of that don’t forget to turn on “Purchase Blocker”. Yes, I was surprised that there is an option to not automatically allow any charges for content/ringtones/apps/etc on your mobile bill, though it’s somewhat hidden: Parental Controls on Media.NET

While you probably don’t care for the Content Filter (hello, we’re all adults here, unless your left arm prefers to inadvertently punch in naughty web site addresses into browser or something, you can control yourself), you do care for Purchase Blocker:

Parents can set Purchase Blocker to “On” or “Off.” “On” prevents your children from purchasing premium content, including ringtones, downloads, games and graphics. “Off” allows all purchases. The default is set to “Off.” (Note: Turning Purchase Blocker on will cancel any existing subscriptions you have as well as preventing future one-time and subscription purchases.)

Exactly what is needed and is free (you do have data plan, right?). So go to MEdia Net home on your wireless phone, click “Customize” and then “Parental Controls”. At least on my phone that was followed with a few attempts to enter everything quickly enough so not to get “Your session expired” on the next screen, and now I have the filter on. Yay.

Now, if you do use SMS short-codes for, say, donations to Haiti or something similar, this option will probably put a little roadblock to that. But you can use your pin to unblock the block and then charge the charge and done. Don’t forget to turn it back on!

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