Ford Fiesta: A little thank-you gift

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Today postman brought an interesting cylinder, sent to me by Ford. “Thank you for reserving your all-new 2011 Ford Fiesta” it said on the cylinder, along with my address and Fiesta logo. Inside?

A small box with a 2011 Ford Fiesta Flash Drive. “Drive one,” says Ford’s motto. Well, there is one drive in the box! Limited edition 1 GB PC+MAC Compatible. And a note, thanking me for reservation and urging me to visit my dealer and finish up the process (which I already did last month)


Little box with Fiestas on it

Another angle

Fiesta Flash Drive, closed

Fiesta Flash Drive, opened, Ford logo

Side View

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  1. Danny Putman

    Do you still have this 2011 Ford Fiesta flash drive? I am searching for one for my wife. She has the Lime Green 2011 Fiesta but did not receive this “Thank You Gift”.


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