Census: ads are getting weirder

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Interesting. Theoretically, everyone should have received the census form by now. Heck, probably filled it up and mailed it back too. But the radio continues to play ads for census and those ads are getting weirder and weirder.

The last one I heard was telling a story of a city school that only had 5 teachers. “If population grew but we didn’t know and still had 5 teachers, it wouldn’t be good”, — tells the ad (or something along those lines) in a soothing yet concerned voice. Yes, I suppose it wouldn’t. Ad uses that grand argument that is used to justify practically anything and everything, that reasonably thinking person would question: “Think of the children!”. Such message supposed to automatically override the reasoning part of the brain and result in immediate “yes, of course, we do need to do X right now!”, even when it has nothing to do with the children (heck, it almost brought in income taxes to Texas, because local school used up all of the money they got from large property taxes and sizable sales tax and are hungry for more revenue).

So, what do I find odd in the radio ad? That it believes all people are a 100% bureaucracy. Because in normal situation, cities don’t wait for 10 years to figure out how many people live there. Schools don’t close their eyes and plug their ears saying “No, no, no, I don’t hear you, all you new parents bringing children to school, not until you fill out census form!” Normal people and organizations react to things as they happen, gradually, perhaps lazily sometimes, but people don’t set things in stone for N years and then make big eyes “oh my! Parameter Y of this thing grew by 35%!”.

Please stop these weird ads, and tell people something a bit more reasonable. Like “we need to know how many people live in the area to know how much federal resources to allocate”. Or just “we’d like to know more about the citizens”. Be simple!

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