Review: God of War III (5 stars)

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God of War III

Probably one of the best PS3 titles. Given that I never got on WOW bandwagon (come on, I am not that social, to coordinate the time I play a game with N other individuals, I like to play when I want and how long I want) and my vehicle control skills are way sub-par be it real life, or virtual car, “run around, whack monsters” is pretty much the only genre that won’t bore me to death and still allow me a chance to actually play through the whole game. And enjoy it.

So, GOW fits it perfectly. I never had PS2, so had no chance to play previous revisions, when they were released (I did get GOW II, but haven’t finished it). What I saw in videos and read in reviews sounded quite good. Hence, the pre-order.

Game did deliver. Story was pretty straightforward, if not somewhat simplistic, but just like a good action movie, you don’t really expect too many twists. Graphics is great, everything is quite responsive, and in Easy mode things went along pretty smoothly.

Just a bit of a let-down is controls while in “hanging” mode. I can never-ever get Kratos to move in the direction I want from the very beginning. No matter, if I try to push the stick up or down, it’ll try to go in the wrong direction. And inside the Maze tricky room that extra second equals immediate death. So, it took me about 25 tries before I managed to pass that room. Horrible. Whoever invented these switchovers between normal and hanging mode needs to be put in the same type of room for about a week. Monsters and flamethrowers mandatory.

I can also see now why people kept saying that Dante’s Inferno is like GOW— the feel of the game was somewhat similar, though I found Inferno a bit more amusing environment-wise (come on, do the second part soon!).

At the end I spent about 10 minutes pressing the O (you’ll know what I mean) hoping for some sort of a sign to stop. I suppose I could have spent another 30 minutes doing that…
The “ending” after the titles gives me a slight hope that there will be something else to the story, though given that authors say there will be no more Kratos it remains to be seen. Hopefully, another game will be in store in couple years (or less)

4.995 stars, rounded up to 5.

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