BK is crazy? How about that NAMI guy?

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The Washington Post is writing on how new BK commercial is offensive to Mental Health specialists. Specifically that Michael Fitzpatrick guy, executive director for National Alliance on Mental Illness. I suppose complete lack of humor could be considered a mental illness too, and we should feel sorry for him.

I’m sorry, but this is utter political correctness BS. Yes, it’s unpleasant, but people call many things crazy. And no, beyond those orderlies in white lab-coats and a whole bunch of TV commercials on what to ask doctors about if you’re feeling down and not afraid of three pages long list of nasty side effects, I don’t think most people know anything about mental health issues. Be happy for them and laugh at the “crazy king” selling cheap burgers.

Otherwise all other professions will demand satisfaction too. TV and Hollywood is notoriously bad about showing accurately how and when and what other professions do. They’re not in a business of educating, they are entertaining. Let them do that.

Oh, and let people use the words they normally use. You know, blind for visually-impaired, deaf for hearing-impaired, crazy for mentally-impaired. Heck, I’m fat, and I don’t mind if people say I’m fat, because even if everyone will keep saying that I’m “body-shape challenged” or “stout” or whatever else “gentle” version of the factually correct word we’re forced to use, it’s not going to make me thinner. Wait, can I use “thin”? Because some people suffer from bulimia, and they don’t like being called thin.

World is cruel and generally efficient, get over it.

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