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Happy Palm, not so happy Meal

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Well, as usual, there are good and bad things happening. First about Palm — HP bought them. And while I may be kicking myself for not buying Palm stock (just to sell it immediately at the announcement of the purchase) I can’t help but wonder if Palm will just dissolve inside HP. Why? Well, anyone […]

No Google Nexus on Verizon – not a big loss

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I’m still curious about CDMA version of Google’s Nexus one. But given the circumstances, I am not sad to see Verizon drop the phone. Or rather Google confirming, that phone is no longer planned for Verizon (so much for those “sign up right here and we will let you know when the phone is available” […]

Cinderella, but not as you know her

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I was reading about linguistic oddities today, when an interesting fact caught my eye. The Cinderella story, with famous glass slipper and futile attempts to put it on the feet of evil sisters, is, well, not the brother Grimm’s story. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s tale was way more brutal and way less enchanting. That Fairy […]

Cleanternet: “in support” of filtering in Europe

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Very nice parody video about an effort to “clean the internet” in Europe. Even China, North Korea and Iran are already using a succesful website blocking system to protect´╗┐ their freedom and democracy. Let’s follow them into the future. For a cleaner and safer Internet…

New 100 bucks: really-really ugly

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Oh for goodness’ sake! Somebody please find some good designers, and take away crayons and highlighters from those kids of Bureau of Engraving and Printing employees, okay? I know, I know, currency just has to be functional and well regarded for its purchasing power and stability, not it’s beauty. But why does the new $100 […]