Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 – outdated out the gate

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Sony Ericsson used to have great products. Yes, the cell phones were almost always quirky a bit, and sometimes even kinda buggy, but they were fresh, interesting, pretty and stylish overall.
But I guess company got complacent. HTC stole their thunder, making really progressive products, and Sony now just tries to stay afloat by promising-promising-promising. And then finally delivering something that was cool, perhaps, half a year or a year ago, when it was just announced.

Looks like this fate awaits new Xperia X10 — first Android device from SE. One would think that with SE’s experience they would be able to whip up a cool phone with latest features, innovative design, and then just put a stock Android on it, but no. Their official blog confirmed that there will be no multitouch in Xperia X10.

Worse, it’s not capable of multitouch due to both “hardware and software problems”. Read “we put the cheapest crappiest touch-screen we could find”. I suppose it was ok back then, when the first word got out. But now it just looks like an outdated toy from the past. The one you find 10 years later and think “what exactly seemed so cool about it in the past”.

Anyways, strike one is multitouch. What’s left?
Design? Not that pretty, sorry. Not enough buttons, plus horizontal narrow buttons are kinda old now, after Nokia X6 and Nokia 5800.
Physical keyboard to appease those, who hate touch screens? No, not having any of that.
Pure Android experience? No way, this is Sony Ericsson, which means software will be bad for about half a year after the release, until all bugs are worked out (and even version of the Android OS is still not specified with 100% certainty — will it be 2.0? 1.6? Will they push their shell onto 2.1?). On top of it, they managed to re-implement photo gallery and all the other “Android 2.0/2.1” fancy things, which makes Sony’s add-on pretty much useless.

Price? Yeah, if it was $100, perhaps. But given rumors it’s supposed to cost $800+.

In the end, it’s just another pompous “not-so-super” phone. I have better faith in Kyocera doing okay with cheaper handset than Xperia.

Sony-Ericsson, wake up. Release basic phone with nice hardware for cheap, and then take your time thinking how to add “sony touch” to the Android.

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  1. saltorio

    Here here!

    They mangled their own flagship product, and then tried to pull a fast one on us (should mention that they posted back in November on that very same blog that the X10 would in fact support multi-touch in the future, and never bothered to correct the ‘mistaken’ comment).

    Here’s the link:

    Might also want to ask them where they cut corners and have yet to tell us about (whats the hardware capability of the screen, as it only displays 64K colors in Android 1.6).


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