Fiesta step two – Retail Order Reservation done

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It’s Monday, which means it was time to get a call back from the Ford dealership about my pre-order. I was getting anxious a bit when phone finally rang and it was the internet sales manager I dealt with on Saturday — they did figure everything out, and he was about to send me a scan of the final order.

I received the “buyer’s order” scan, reviewed it, signed, sent it back with a copy of my DL. Then called Matthew back to double-check if he remembered to mark “cruise control” option on the order screen (well, not him, but the fleet manager who was doing the actual ordering).

An hour later I got another email, this time with apologies, and note that they did forget to add that, as the ordering system is new, and that this time everything is in order. And it was, short of couple typos in my name and street address, which I corrected afterwards.

So far the strangest fact was that cruise control is a part of “sports appearance” package. I guess “appearances” can be deceiving, as I always thought of people who prefer “sports” cars as someone who’d hate cruise control and probably always chooses a stick-shift over an automatic transmission. Of course I understand that packages are probably driven by marketing, with thorough evaluation of how features could be combined to entice as many people to get them as possible (in this case some people will get sporty look, some will get cruise control), and overall it’s a good value, pls car would look even more awesome.

Also the beige cloth was still only available in darker exterior models (I hoped that would have changed from Ford online pre-order site, to the actual dealership retail order system). It’s Texas. When I choose the color of my car, I worry not just about gamut but practicality — lighter shades are better when it’s 105F outside, and no amount of tinting helps when the seats are dark (that’s also a strike against leather — shorts + black leather seats = uncomfortable bacon-like sizzle and grouchy “ouch-ouch-grrr” until it cools down). So… I wish I could get silver metallic exterior with beige cloth. But grey one should work too.

Overall I ended up with 5 emails and a couple phone calls to finish this step. I now have a retail price layout for my order, including taxes, title, license and a “documentation fee” (hey, who’s writing the documentation about this experience?!). Given how much attention vehicle gathered, Ford Fiesta will probably never dip below the retail price, which is understandable. Free SYNC/Premium Audio upgrade got marked as “Cash on Delivery (Rebate).” Sections for trade-in were understandably marked N/A for now. Funny, but the official Ford SYNC site still shows arrows on that navigation robot pointing all over the place — head says go forward down, gut says back and to the right, little green tick points at the moon. But I digress…

Matthew reassured me again, that signing the order is just to get the order into the system, and that he will make sure all of the corrections in address and name will have made it into the computer, and I should wait for official Ford call to re-confirm everything within couple days. So, I’m waiting for the next step now, still excited…

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