Manpacks — neat idea, but will it survive?

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Gosh, I almost started this note with “while browsing the internet …” — what a dumb idea. How does one find web sites these days? While watching TV commercials? Naw. While reading newspaper? Online, which falls under “while browsing…”. There used to be catalogues as well as periodical reviews of web sites, but it’s been a while since I saw something like that.
Catalogue is so last century — you just ask Google for something and Google brings back the bacon in form of relevant result. Except for cases where you’re looking for, say, mortgage. Or a diet. Or a financial instrument of some sorts. But I’ll have to write about that sewer segment of the internet later.
For now — Manpacks. Web site for men (or their loving girlfriends) where one can sign up for periodic delivery of shirts, underwear and socks.
Idea is intriguing, first, because I am not quite sure what kind of night life monster destroys so many socks, t-shirts and underwear on periodic basis.
Okay, I can believe that my cat is capable of attacking approximately one sock every couple weeks (when the cat is bored, and if I was inattentive enough to let a sock slip, fall, show up in cat’s vicinity). So, I suppose every month four socks could be clawed up, devoured and turned into thing that goes into kitty litter. So that would mean 3 pairs over 3 months, and to keep the supply of socks constant the lowest manpack subscription could be used. Cool.

But 3 underwear, 3 shirts and 3 pairs of socks every 3 months seems to be … excessive.
Do people ever think that underwear can be, I don’t know, washed in a washing machine? Short of broken one, it’s difficult to bring one pair of underwear into unusable state every month (and I do presume a sufficient stock, so that proper rotation can be implemented).

So, it’d be nice if there was voluntary Hall of Fame of those, who actually sign up for the biggest manpack. And, perhaps, stories of where their t-shirts and socks and other things disappear too.

Hopefully, will not kill this neat little web site, especially as you can already subscribe for delivery of, say, cat food (as long as you calculate your cat’s appetite, they will even give you a discount).

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