Sprint Evo: a phone any geek would want

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All I want to say is “Wow!”. Can it be? Could we finally have “the” perfect Android based handset in the form of HTC Evo? Certainly looks like it. HTC took everything cool about Android hardware, and Sprint had enough sense not to screw up the design (I was quite shocked when I saw Sprint version of Hero, a nice phone but mangled beyond recognition with physical chassis changes)

Rumors were floating for a while now, that there’s going to be “super” handset. The only thing left, is to get the actual price. Hopefully, the phone won’t get into stratosphere of “windows mobile” pricing (HTC TouchPro 2 costs $300 — I guess executives still rely on existence of some nebulous “businessman” that would want outdated windows platform phone). But even if it will cost $300 it would still sell more units than Google’s Nexus One.

Speaking of which, as long as Evo is less than $500, Google can forget about Nexus One sales for Sprint. While GSM versions could theoretically attract some European customers, accustomed to purchase phone at “list” price (but also enjoying free incoming calls/sms, and generally paying way less for contract plans than US customers), CDMA version certainly has more limited appeal.

The other distinctive feature is 4G Wi-Max capability, with service from Clear. I don’t know if it will make any difference. While Wi-Max service area is being expanded, it’s still way smaller than Sprint’s regular 3G network. So, I hope there won’t be any premium charged just because the phone can connect to 4G. Similarly, I also hope that there will be an option to use new handsent on Sprint’s standard “everything data” plan, because it’s their best weapon against top competitors (Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile), and because I bet Sprint will attempt to charge premium for using 4G.

Overall I’m happy. Now, do tell the price of the phone, Sprint, and try to push the handset out the door as soon as possible. Otherwise there’d be a chance of an upset from, say, Verizon, offering something similar, but on their more expansive network.

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