Post-apocalyptic metal world at Wildflower Center

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Every once in a while I go to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. And while the flowers themselves are pretty much the same year after year, each time I see some new sculpture there. Frankly, I am not a big fan of “modern” art, and constructions out of old toilets or rusty buckets usually give me fits of giggles. But then, for classical art people go to the museum downtown. Flowers are not very picky, they can survive being pretty much near any art.
So, here we go…

What can be more appropriate than sculpture of Fire Ants in Texas. Little vermin causes so much grief, but there’s always someone who wants to take it to a whole new level. The Post Apocalyptic Mutant Metal Fire Ants. Shudder and weep!

From WildflowerCenterMar132010

Chewed up lady torso completes the landscape:

Completing the entrance group is something that looks like “Catching of a Lab Assistant, who dropped beryllium sphere”

Frog-spider hybrid is way smaller than ants. Not much less creepier.

Bevo head is also made out of parts.

Monster bunny is made out of a pile of… pile of…. well… it just looks like that, in reality it’s also some sort of metal. But I ain’t touching that thing.

For the rest of the art and flowers see the full Wildflower Center album (March 2010).

I wonder if someone will buy the sculptures afterwards, or they will be dismantled, or hid in a warehouse somewhere, to scare future generations of children…

I’m not really an arts person, you can probably tell already.

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