Global Warming: cocain users did it

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Oh jeeze… yet another “You’re causing global warming no matter what you do” story. Apparently, cocaine users are making global warming worse.
Because Colombian forrests are being cut down just to grow more coca plants. Someone even managed to calculate the ratio — 4 square meters of rain forrest die for every “few lines”.

Now, I don’t like it when people use drugs, but accusing them of worsening global warming? Will they actually care? The answer is probably “No”.

Anyways, here are a couple other things that make global warming worse and were in the press lately:

Nitrous Oxide is apparently worse, than CO2, plus damages ozone layer (does anyone care about the ozone hole these days, by the way? everything seems to be about warming, the UV rays expose doesn’t seem to get much press these days), so think twice about that laughing gas back-up during dental visit.

Methane, which is about 25 times more potent than CO2 is not only produced by farm animals, but also bubbling up in arctic seas. Are we going to drain marshes and burn up the methane? Or at least harvest is somehow to use for more productive things? Also probably no.

Oh, and remember, when you breathe, you exhale CO2, so … you know…

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