AT&T behaves like old self, cripples first Android phone

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Why am I not surprised? AT&T Mobility behaves like, well, AT&T. Which means this first new Android based phone gets cripled beyond belief, crapware programs added, everything gets covered with Cingular/ATT security sertificates, so that users would have no ability to install something “unapproved” “for your convenience”.
Or worse, like old problem with Java programs where each attempt to connect to the network would be greeted with “Would you like to allow” message with no option to allow the access for the session.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice when your phone asks you if you really want to go online (especially if you’re roaming somewhere outside of the US), but a single question instead of 5-year old-like behaviour is usually more than enough.

Worst part?
I bet general public doesn’t care that much. People are used to having a bunch of crappy software on the phone, constant prodding to subscribe to this and pay for that, so they will muddle through. So regular public probably wouldn’t just get excited — just another phone, with a funny word in the title.
Of course this would also calm down any potential enthusiasm, which would be good for Android’s primary competition — Apple.
And given latest attempt of Apple to sue Android via HTC’s proxy, I wonder if there’s any underlying nefarious plot going on. So that provider bows down to mass media/geek pressure, releases Android phone, but does everything possible to cripple the experience, dumb it down, make it unbearable, and then public will run toward Apple’s 4th generation of the mobile experience, which, incidentally, commands premium-priced data access plan…
It’s like if one of the major PC manufacturers would agree to release machines with Linux, but dumbed down the desktop environment, installed adware/popup-providers, locked user out of console and disabled installing anything that they haven’t approved yet.


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