Review: Dante’s Inferno (5 stars)

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Dante’s Inferno

I love this game. Action and graphics is great. Given that I swiftly moved from the high class literature to pretty much pulp fiction, I am not bothered by the “interpretation” aspects of the Dante’s Divine Comedy. Heck, if this game gives some people gentle push towards actually reading it, that’s even better.

Not quite sure why when game starts it wants to scan the store for purchasable content though. I guess marketoids demanded each game start to be tracked, and gamer should never forget that for mere few bucks a bucket of souls can be bought at PSN store.

Anyways. The controls are pretty good — easy and convenient, with plenty of combos. Additional modifiers-amulets make things even more fun.
Pre-rendered videos are just gorgeous. I think they can pretty much do a full-scale move on that engine and it’ll look way better than old Final Fantasy cartoon.
In-game graphics is also quite pretty, though walls with sinners in them fairly quickly start looking flat.

Gameplay may be predictable, but it’s still fun.
Bad: “absolve” mini-game is only fun for first couple times. In a few places (saving one lost soul in Greed circle) I regret there’s no way to move camera. And jumping is sometimes quite awkward because you can’t see where you’re jumping to.

Now playing through for the second time, while trying to collect all the bonus objects. Yay.

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