Forgotten things at the gym

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Being absent-minded myself, I always get mixed feelings at seeing how absent-minded other people can be. Sometimes, though, I can’t help but laugh.
In course of going to the gym for several months, I’ve seen a number of weird forgotten things. For example:
Running shoes. I suppose it’s something one can easily forget. Usually a pair would be tucked neatly under the bench, and sit there for a few days.
Boxer shorts. Not sure how one can forget shorts. Surprisingly, nobody forgets the briefs there. Perhaps, people just don’t wear that to the gym. Boxers will lay on the bench also for a few days, and then mysteriously vanish.
A number of swimming glasses, children shoes, books…

So far I don’t know how exactly gym personell decides what to remove, or what to let sit on the spot for a few days. Or, perhaps, someone finally crawled out from the sauna room at the gym and had a teary reunification with boxers, left on that bench a few days earlier.

I should probably ask ladies about what exactly women forget at the gym.

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