Buying Campbell’s tomato soup? Go for regular, not “healthy”

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Another epic win of Marketing BS over common sense and logic. According to investigation, what is labeled as “Healthy” and “Low Sodium” tomato soup is actually identical to the regular Campbell’s soup in the amount of sodium (read “salt”).
Bonus unobviousness: “healthy” version of tomato soup actually contains 1.5g of fat per serving, while regular one has none. I presume that most people think “healthy” means less fat, not more. Here it also costs 50c more ($.99 versus $1.49)
And what marketing genius decided to brand salt “sodium” anyways?
Campbell’s claims that “healthy” label complies with guidelines from AHA.
I suppose they couldn’t just say “We charge people who want ‘Healthy’ versions of products more because they’re snobs and can afford it, ha-ha”. And “Well it doesn’t say ‘healthy compared to regular version’, so we just compared it to all soups in general”.
I hate marketing BS.

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