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Census fortune cookies continue to creep people out

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Back in February Seattle Times wrote about fortune cookie promotion that US Census ordered. Overall 2 million fortune cookies got dull and somewhat creepy messages that prod people, who decided to dine out at chinese food place, to drop their chopsticks and get down to census. Well, apparently those cookies are still around, even though […]

It’s almost time for public radio’s begging season

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Today’s rant is dedicated to KUT, Austin Public Radio station. And I bet it applies pretty much verbatim to other public radio stations around the country. While driving to work I usually flip between several stations non-stop (news on one, talk show on the other, attempt to find something to listen, then back to news/traffic). […]

Fiesta step two – Retail Order Reservation done

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It’s Monday, which means it was time to get a call back from the Ford dealership about my pre-order. I was getting anxious a bit when phone finally rang and it was the internet sales manager I dealt with on Saturday — they did figure everything out, and he was about to send me a […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 – outdated out the gate

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Sony Ericsson used to have great products. Yes, the cell phones were almost always quirky a bit, and sometimes even kinda buggy, but they were fresh, interesting, pretty and stylish overall. But I guess company got complacent. HTC stole their thunder, making really progressive products, and Sony now just tries to stay afloat by promising-promising-promising. […]

One step closer to Ford Fiesta

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Well, I am now one step closer to owning the new Ford Fiesta. The journey was fun, interesting and unlike my previous car buying experience (I’ll write about it in another article). I actually was thinking about new Ford Fusion (not the green version, the regular one), but I have a rare talent of procrastinating […]